Private Session With Workshop

It is recommended but not mandatory that you experience a PSYCH-K Private Session either before after the PSYCH-K Basic Workshop.

This will provide a wonderful experience of what is possible with PSYCH-K when working with an Advanced Facilitator and or give you a great idea how a session can be conducted if you’re considering using PSYCH-K professionally.

In this session it’s recommended that we work together with your most pressing issue, biggest stress/trauma or most important goal. During the session I‘ll do my very best to help co-create with you a powerful new subconscious belief structure and set of activation steps for your goal to help you start bringing a wonderful new reality into your life.

The prices to book a private session when booking the workshop varies from country to country but is generally about a 50% discount from the normal session cost.

If booking a private session with the workshop you will need to pay the full amount of the workshop and discounted session at the time of booking.

Once you submit your registration we will be in touch with you by email within a few days to set up a time to meet either on Skype or phone for your session.

In return for providing this discounted service we would love you to provide a testimonial once you experience results as a reciprocation of energy and so others may be inspired by your story.

Please note that due to current bookings you may need to wait a little while for your session, but don’t worry because the results are worth the wait!!!

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